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ABOUT ME: Gif-ing when I am in the mood. Posting pictures, videos, and music, that I enjoy, from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and, on occasion, Japan. Don't see your favorite Asian star, idol, or drama? Have a question? ASK ME!! Don't see a GIF of your star? I TAKE REQUESTS!

Last love song of the night, from the Witch’s Romance OST, PARK SEOJUN singing, Come into My Heart.

It’s a night for love songs. Here is NICKY WU from his current drama, Incisive Great Teacher <犀利仁師>.

The love song from OST of Startling Love with Each Step, sung by CHEN XIANG.

Hi, I would like to know why is Rhydian Vaughan not in Tiny Times 3 :'(? Thank U

His role was given to VIVIAN DAWSON in 3.0. I cannot find a reason why. There is nothing on the net about it. It may have been a schedule conflict.  Or maybe they felt Rhydian did not fit the part, but I doubt that, as he won a lot of praise for his role. Or maybe Rhydian felt that he should take his acting in another direction. Director/writer, GUO JIN MING tried to keep the cast intact for every movie. There were rumors he could not get everyone scheduled back for 3.0, however, in the end, it was only Rhydian who was not able to reprise his role.