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ABOUT ME: Gif-ing when I am in the mood. Posting pictures, videos, and music, that I enjoy, from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and, on occasion, Japan. Don't see your favorite Asian star, idol, or drama? Have a question? ASK ME!! Don't see a GIF of your star? I TAKE REQUESTS!
You're going to gif zhang li's part aww..... Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuu! And thanks for loving them too. I'm speechless. <3333 Do u have any idea where I can watch the subbed version?

I have absolutely NO IDEA where you can watch it subbed. I have only found whole RAW versions of it. I have looked around but, I only found one whole episode that is subbed, and then parts of others. I had thought DramaFire or Viki would pick it up, but I guess not.

Hello, can you please make gifs of perhaps love zhang li and sunny wang part pleassse.

I’ve been away a long while but I can do this. I found a complete HD episodes of this, w/o subs, so I hope this is okay. I will try to get these up within the next week.

PS - After watching the first few minutes of this first episode my thoughts: OH this is going to be interesting!!! I will probably end up making gifs of all three couples because I love all these people.

Last love song of the night, from the Witch’s Romance OST, PARK SEOJUN singing, Come into My Heart.

It’s a night for love songs. Here is NICKY WU from his current drama, Incisive Great Teacher <犀利仁師>.

The love song from OST of Startling Love with Each Step, sung by CHEN XIANG.